Growing in the Anointing: Experience vs Theology

If God still means for healing and miracles to be part of the church’s ministry, why aren’t we seeing them happen more often? Alan Smith, the Pastor of Freedom Ministries at Gateway Church, acknowledges that our theology doesn’t always line up with experience:

There’s such a temptation to resolve the tension between experience and theology by adjusting theology. Maybe it isn’t God’s will to heal. Maybe sickness is a tool in the hands of a sovereign God to develop our character. Maybe God used to heal but doesn’t do that sort of thing much anymore. Maybe now that we have the Bible we don’t need God as we witness him in the Bible.

I refuse to adjust the Biblical standard of God’s self-revelation in the person of Jesus in order to alleviate the tension between my theology and my experience. Jesus healed all who came to him. If they had great faith, he healed them. If their faith was small, he healed them. He never made anyone sick to teach them a lesson. This is what God is like. I will make him no smaller to justify the limitations in my own experience. I will not reduce him to an idol made in my image.

Our goal should be to walk in ever-greater anointing in all the gifts. Pastor Alan what he’s learned along the way: Seven Things I’ve Learned About Healing.

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