Justice Lifts the Nations

110 years ago a Swiss artist named Paul Robert (1851-1923) was concerned with a growing humanist trend he was witnessing in legal decisions in his country. Having accepted a commission to paint murals for the then Swiss Supreme Court Building at Lausanne, he determined to remind everyone from whence our laws actually came. To do so he painted a grand mural on the wall of the staircase which is titled, “Justice Lifts the Nations”. It was this mural that the justices had to pass by each time they moved between the courtroom and their chambers. (keep reading below)
"Justice Lifts the Nations," Mural for the Swiss Supreme Court Building at Lausanne Switzerland
Mr Robert’s painting is quite different from depictions of Justice normally seen in America, England, and elsewhere. In his work Lady Justice is not blind. Instead she has her eyes open and she casts her gaze upon a group of standing judges who are looking to her for guidance. In her hands she holds the traditional balance scale representing fairness in judgment, but her sword, instead of pointing upward, points down to a book on the table before them all. That book is the Bible, the law of God, and she is reminding the justices that the foundation and basis for all law lies in the Word of God. To demonstrate the universal application of this lesson, in the foreground of his work Robert painted persons representing different kinds of cases standing before the court.
May God, in His mercy, grant us to return to Him that this nation and its people may be well and truly blessed to know Him and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.
(via my cousin Craig)

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