Justice Lifts the Nations

110 years ago a Swiss artist named Paul Robert (1851-1923) was concerned with a growing humanist trend he was witnessing in legal decisions in his country. Having accepted a commission to paint murals for the then Swiss Supreme Court Building at Lausanne, he determined to remind everyone from whence our laws actually came. To do so he painted a grand mural on the wall of the staircase which is titled, “Justice Lifts the Nations”. It was this mural that the justices had to pass by each time they moved between the courtroom and their chambers. (keep reading below)
"Justice Lifts the Nations," Mural for the Swiss Supreme Court Building at Lausanne Switzerland
Mr Robert’s painting is quite different from depictions of Justice normally seen in America, England, and elsewhere. In his work Lady Justice is not blind. Instead she has her eyes open and she casts her gaze upon a group of standing judges who are looking to her for guidance. In her hands she holds the traditional balance scale representing fairness in judgment, but her sword, instead of pointing upward, points down to a book on the table before them all. That book is the Bible, the law of God, and she is reminding the justices that the foundation and basis for all law lies in the Word of God. To demonstrate the universal application of this lesson, in the foreground of his work Robert painted persons representing different kinds of cases standing before the court.
May God, in His mercy, grant us to return to Him that this nation and its people may be well and truly blessed to know Him and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.
(via my cousin Craig)

Stop Disease With a 50-Cent Microscope

Manu Prakesh - 50 cent microscope
Manu Prakesh and a 50 cent microscope

This is pretty cool. Students in the Prakash Lab at Stanford University designed a diagnostic microscope that can be assembled from a single sheet of paper.

Fully assembled, it’s the size of a bookmark. And it costs 50 cents to manufacture.

The impact on public health in 3rd-world countries is staggering. Learn how in this brief TED Talk video.

How Apex Predators Made Yellowstone Park More Beautiful

Wolves in Yellowstone ParkWolves are mean, right? They kill Bambi and other furry animals with big, gentle eyes. That was probably the rationale for removing (don’t say killing) them from Yellowstone Park.

But… when they were reintroduced to the park after 70 years, vegetation recovered.

Suddenly, there were trees and forests where there had been bare ground.

Rivers actually changed course.

Yellowstone Park began to thrive.

Watch the video, and resolve not to tamper with the natural order – or any system where there are more variables than we can comprehend.

'I'll Pray for You' – Now You Actually Will

Echo Prayer AppI’ve been using Echo since before it was Echo… watch the video and that will make sense. 🙂

This is a super-easy way to remember to pray for specific people, issues, etc. Coming soon – group prayer, where you can share a prayer list among friends, with your whole church, etc.

Download the Echo prayer app for iPhone on the App Store: appstore.com/echoprayer
Or for Android on Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloversites.echo

Marine Corp Raiders Finally at Home

Marine Honor GuardForwarded by a friend: A true story about 19 US Marines killed on Makin Atoll in the Gilbert Islands during WWII.

The battalion was sent to destroy a Japanese seaplane base, and accomplished their mission. Hurriedly departing under fire from hostile aircraft, they were unable to carry away their dead, and asked the islanders to bury them.

Years later, a man who had been a teenager during WWII remembered where they were buried, and notified the US military. The Marines sent a C130 and an honor guard over there and found all 19 had been buried with their helmets on, their rifles in their hands, in perfect condition. The islanders had really done a wonderful job.

As they were loading the bodies, a voice from out of nowhere started singing “The Marine Hymn” and gave everyone goose bumps. The voice was from a man who spoke no English but remembered a song the Marines taught him when they landed. It was important to them, so it was important to him.

Intoxicated by Knowledge; Enemy of Freedom

Friedrich HayekEver since the beginning of modern science, the best minds have recognized that “the range of acknowledged ignorance will grow with the advance of science.” “In science the more we know, the more extensive the contact with nescience [lack of knowledge or awareness].”

Unfortunately, the popular effect of this scientific advance has been a belief, seemingly shared by many scientists, that the range of our ignorance is steadily diminishing and that we can therefore aim at more comprehensive and deliberate control of all human activities. It is for this reason that those intoxicated by the advance of knowledge so often become the enemies of freedom …

The more men know, the smaller the share of all that knowledge becomes that any one mind can absorb. The more civilized we become, the more relatively ignorant must each individual be of the facts on which the working of his civilization depends.

Friedrich August von Hayek
(1899-1992), Nobel Laureate of Economic Sciences 1974

Proverbs Challenge, Day 31

KeysWe’re learning God’s perspective on every aspect of existence. What does He say we should do for those beaten down by the circumstances of life?

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;
ensure justice for those being crushed.
Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless,
and see that they get justice.
(Proverbs 31:8-9 NLT)

Well, that’s better than what we often tend to do, which is ignore them because
a) it’s their fault, or
b) it’s random, and too scary to think that it could happen to me.

If we accept the concept that sin had its origin when Adam and Eve believed a lie, and we’ve inherited that lie and all its variations, then what is “justice?” Is it not restoring everyone to God’s original design? And certainly that’s a spiritual exercise, but it’s also a practical one as we feed, clothe, and teach those who need help. I’m proud to belong to a church that does both.

Let’s be diligent in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to everyone, and to every circumstance.